World Without Furniture

by Cthulhu Brothers

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At Me 02:57
Moor 03:17
The glow of the city hangs over the moor There's smells in the air like I never knew before In the city they're sleeping or watching TV There's nobody up here except you and me We cut the chain on the gate Came up on the moor to uncover our fate Your head is resting on my shoulder As we watch the satellites passing over The lights of the city are twinkling below A million homes but no place to go The wingbeats of birds you don't see Are the fanfare announcing a new way to be The fog's getting thick and the city has gone We're alone for the night in our bleak empty home The welcoming bog will be our wedded bed We'll sink to the bottom and lay down our head Morning will come and the fog disappear No-one who passes will know we were here
we’ll scatter the ashes on the sodden ground today we’ll sow the ashes where they’ll float on the mud what can grow from this sodden ground? from a life without warmth? of greed and bitterness? we’ll scatter the ashes of the hard-hearted crone we’ll picture her smile that did not cheer her grasping claw her constant scorn what can grow from the ashes of a life of spite? in a thousand years a single twisted shrub with no green sap dry branches like bones a hard black wood that does not burn a bitter fruit black and wrinkled on which feeds hate we’ll scatter the ashes as the rain falls on and on end of a life so sour even its end can do only harm
Emerging 03:57
The army’s come to town, Their tanks are all around, They’re in position. They won’t tell the Press, Much to its distress, About their mission. Meanwhile the fence posts shift And the sidewalks lift, The roads are cracking. Far beneath our feet There’s a mighty beat. It’s time for packing. We’re not waiting for, We’re not waiting for, What’s emerging. Saw him on TV, It was plain to see His power was frozen. While the pundits screech And the preachers preach About The Chosen. And in the blogosphere There’s a viral fear And markets tumble. And in the secret shrines It’s the end of time And prayers are mumbled. They’re all waiting for, They’re all waiting for, What’s emerging. The beating of its heart Will tear the land apart The planet’s shaking. At the mountain’s root There’s a growing shoot And something’s waking. We’re all waiting for We’re all waiting for What’s emerging.
In the Eye 07:13
I would like You to look Me in the eye In the eye
The Archer 03:15
The Sun is heading south Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Towards the gaping mouth Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! We pray it will fall in Fall in! Fall in! Fall in! And never rise again Fall in! Fall in! Fall in! Glossy liars love sunlight Eternal night would be so right (repeat) But the Archer lets it loose For shame! For shame! For shame! The Goat will pull it north For shame! For shame! For shame! The longer days will come Boo-oo! Bo-oo! Boo-oo! Our hopes are all undone Boo-oo! Bo-oo! Boo-oo! Glossy liars love sunlight Eternal night would be so right (repeat)
My home town was bathed in evening sun Folks were all outside having fun I took my baby for a ride Down through Main Street, out by the East Side We slowed and stopped at a red light Waved and greeted Mr and Mrs Arkwright Then a giant lobster's claw came crashing down Snatched my baby and scuttled off across town (CHORUS) That lobster is my enemy It stole my love away from me I'll track it down, I'll smash its shell I'll send it straight to lobster hell I'll track it down I'll smash its shell I'll send it straight to lobster hell I scrutinise the details of my life Why did I deserve to lose my wife? What streak of bad, what fundamental flaw Merited the giant lobster's claw? In a town like ours there's lots that's out of sight Lyin', cheatin', hurtin' in the night A tower of sin that's like a lightning rod Pulls down a bolt of punishment from God That lobster is my enemy (etc.) Now all you guys who are out for a ride With your beautiful lady by your side Don't feel too safe and smug in your home town YOUR giant lobster's claw might come crashing down Where did it go, where is its lair? It took my wife and vanished in thin air Is she dead or, maybe worse, alive? Captive queen of the giant lobster's hive That lobster is my enemy (etc.)


released January 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Cthulhu Brothers Glasgow, UK

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