Davie and Joey

by Cthulhu Brothers

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In a layby far from town
Wee Joey and Davie met
Joey brought his XR2
Davie in his old Chevette
The night was warm, the air hung still
They sat silent before the lifeless sea
Davie lit a cigarette
“This is our only way to be free”

Can we do this thing?
Step outside the norm
Can we break these chains
Keeping us here since we were born?

The night was wild, the cloud hung low
All decent people cowered in bed
No-one saw the XR2
Hid behind the garden shed
No-one heard the woman’s screams
Or the way they suddenly went still
No-one saw the XR2
Heading homeward o’er the hill

Nearly all the town was there
Mourners crowded round the grave
The minister, though full of fear
Told the people to be brave
“Trust in God, He’ll see you through
Though some evil’s come amongst us here”
Davie’s face was stony grey
Joey shed a little tear

Can we do this thing?

Joey went from strength to strength
A string of shops across the land
The biggest house above the town
A pretty bride to take his hand
Lawyers, Provosts called him friend
Sought his help in carving up the town
The very few who crossed his path
Found their fortunes tumbling down

Davie went from strength to strength
But not in ways that you could see
Stepping through that darkest door
He found his only way to be free
Started spending time away
Bringing strangers home the locals feared
Didn’t have three friends in town
People all said, “Davie’s weird”

Can we do this thing?

A shabby bar in a distant town
Wee Joey and Davie met
Joey’s Jag was parked outside
Davie in his old Chevette
Joey said, “we’ve come so far
How I’d hate this all to slip away
You’re my friend, I know that’s true
But will there come a different day?”

Davie didn’t speak at first
Lit a fag and sipped his beer
Then he said, “I need to pee
Won’t be long, just you wait here”
Joey sat alone and still
Knew his men were waiting at the door
Felt the pain across his chest
Tumbled dead down to the floor

Can we do this thing?

The night was wild, the cloud hung low
When news of Davie’s passing came
Many, many years had passed
Few alive recalled his name
Heart ripped out by cruel femme
Scotland Yard and hellhounds on her trail
“Never should have left the town
Them as leave will always fail”

Can we do this thing?


released February 26, 2021
A MacKinnon


all rights reserved



Cthulhu Brothers Glasgow, UK

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